Five traits of succesfull entrepreneurs

  1. Vision
  2. Resilience
  3. Tenacity &
  4. Flexibility


Entrepreneurs that succeed have faith in themselves and their businesses. They must have faith in their own abilities and ideas. Every entrepreneur will suffer rejection at some point, and successful entrepreneurs are those who have the confidence to keep trying after a setback.


Successful entrepreneurs have a strong vision for their company and can communicate its purpose, goals, and market position succinctly. They know who, what, where, when, and why their company exists (and can articulate it clearly).


There will be setbacks in your business, no matter how great it is. A successful entrepreneur is tenacious and can recover from setbacks. Setbacks are an opportunity for them to learn and progress. They are aware that failure is an inevitable aspect of the game.


When things get tough, entrepreneurs keep going. They are not easily defeated. They are eager to learn from their mistakes and accept criticism. They are willing and able to change and alter their strategy in order to achieve success the next time around.


Things do not always go according to plan. A flexible entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur. They are willing to adapt and adjust as they go along, learning from their mistakes. They listen to others’ suggestions and are willing to try new things.



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Pasan Devin Jayawardene

Pasan Devin Jayawardene

Software Engineering Undergraduate @ Uni of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka | Mobile Dev & ML Enthusiast